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11 October 2018 - 12 October 2018
Warsaw, Poland
Nuclear Physics Innovation

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Nuclear Physics Innovation, Warsaw 2018

face to face meetings - the way to successful cooperation!

The brokerage event  at Nuclear Physics Innovation brings together scientists and companies (buyers as well as suppliers) from a large number of European countries. This is a unique opportunity to generate new cooperation contacts and contracts. Meetings will take place in a dedicated area and will be arranged in advance by means of this website.

The companies and scientists participating in the brokerage meeting will be opportunity present product, services, research achievements during the workshop "NUCLEAR PHYSICS RESEARCH - TECHNOLOGY COACTION". Every scientist or company will have 20 minutes for presentation. Below you find the link to registration for the workshop: https://www.ensar2-nupia.eu/wo...

The nuclear physics laboratories facilities have the chance to established links with international industry and SMEs. The goal of brokerage event is to create a strong network of laboratories and industrial partners in the close relation which all the nuclear facilities and partners (better knowledge of the existing facilities for beam industrial users, wider market for technology transfer possibilities).

The forum will explore recent achievements and challenges in the following areas:

  • Medicine
  • Radiopharmaceutical production
  • Detectors and nuclear instrumentation
  • New space instruments
  • Computation and information technology (Big Data application, data analysis)
  • Energy and environmental technologies
  • Radiation
  • Lasers
  • Numeric machine tools and 3D printing – services
  • Metallurgy
  • Collaborative research, innovation networks, technology transfer

Visit the HOW IT WORKS page to learn how to participate.

Remember that meetings are essential for future cooperation!

Who should attend?

The brokerage event is open to any of the following players willing to set up collaborations with FOREIGN partners and  access to INNOVATION NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY and NEW MARKETS :

  • Companies,
  • Universities and research institutions, laboratories,
  • Government representatives, policy makers, first responders,
  • Clusters,
  • Investors,
  • Organisations & services

The event will target a wide spectrum of laboratories, universities, company from the power plant, medicine and pharmaceutical industry, space industry and beyond to foster the creation of technology transfers, collaborative research, innovation networks, innovation activities.

Why participate in the brokerage event?

  • Enter into contact with potential partners for future co-operation
  • Meet providers of innovative technologies from throughout Europe and beyond 
  • Establish cross-border contacts for long-term business relationships
  • Find new partners for research projects
  • Use the event to initiate new businesses

Brokerage event – How does it work?

is an ideal opportunity to initiate promising contacts in pre-arranged meetings

  1. Register & publish your collaboration wishes
  2. Browse the participant list and book meetings with delegates of your interest
  3. One week before the event you receive your meeting schedule


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Warsaw, Poland

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